Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; let Your good Spirit lead me into a level country and into the land of uprightness Psalm 143:10

Welcome to Beaver Lake Camp!

There has seldom been a time in the existence of humanity that there has not been some turmoil, some pain, or some struggle, that has infringed upon the personal world of youth and the structure of the family, leaving us longing for hope and fulfillment. Beaver Lake Camp has stood within the landscape of Northwestern Ontario since 1969 as a place that offers the time and space to explore and pursue a personal journey towards spiritual and emotional stability – a place to come away from the noise of life to consider relationships and gain perspective.

As a Camp and Retreat/Conference Centre, Beaver Lake presents First Nations youth and families with the opportunity for participation in Camps, Retreats, and Workshops, as well as Discipleship, Counselling, and Training, while exploring the potential in allowing Biblical values to impact our life and relationships. Beaver Lake Camp provides a place where people can learn about God, receive spiritual and emotional healing, and build their relationships with those around them.


Summer Camps

There are four weeks during July when Beaver Lake is bustling with the activity of one of our five-day camps! The first camp is for teens ages 13-16 and the following three camps are for children ages 9-12.

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Youth Retreats

Beaver Lake Camp invites First Nations high school-age students and young people to join us for three different Youth Retreats throughout the school year. Retreats are hosted in September, February, and April.

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Family Life Workshops

Do you want to learn ways to make your marriage better and your family life more satisfying? Attend one of these one-week workshops for First Nations couples and families who would like to grow stronger in their commitment to God and each other.

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Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys Club and Girls Club run on separate schedules but usually happen twice a month. First Nations kids from the Dryden area are invited to Beaver Lake Camp for an evening of fun. There are group games and activities, and a snack. Each evening we also have a Bible lesson. Our focus is to bring Christ into our experience as we provide fun activities and build positive relationships.

Marriage and Family Counselling

Beaver Lake Counselling offers personal, marriage, and family counselling to First Nations in Northwestern Ontario. Our purpose is to offer hope by providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals and families are invited to process personal, relational, and spiritual concerns.

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Single Mother Retreats

Mothering is a privilege and blessing, and also a big responsibility. Single mothers face extra challenges and added responsibility, and can sometimes feel like they are facing these challenges alone. Single Mother's Retreat is a chance for these moms to find refreshment, encouragement, and fellowship with other mothers who face similar challenges.

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Counsellor Training

Receive training to help people in crisis and struggling with life's challenges. A two year programs with internship options.

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